DK the Nautical KnitterHi to everyone. I am Deborah Fillmer aka DK, aka the Nautical Knitter.  Welcome to my little piece of the Internet. For those interested in my school background, I completed a B.S. degree in Criminal Justice and Political Science from UAB and also did some masters work in History before my husband and I started our own business.  Recently, I graduated from Liberty University with my Masters in Religion, Church MInistries (MAR).

We, my DH and I, have owned our own business for almost 15 years now, mostly in crafts and hobby businesses. In the past year we sold our quilting related business, Pieces of the Past, to start an online book business.  Things change quickly around here and so we have now moved out of the used online  book market and on to the next adventure.  DH has taken on an IT and finance position at our church, Cornerstone Church, and I am creating knitting patterns and working for Liberty full time.

For the past 15 years while in the quilting business our company invented, designed, and manufactured several products, like the Stick-n-Stitch® stencil, the Quilt Lap Hoop, and the Quilt Hanger. We sold our products world wide, while traveling to every state in the continental U.S. in our motor home (also formally know as a Greyhound Bus; see my early posts if you want photos) to promote and sell our products.

In that time, I have held classes and designed all kinds of patterns from quilting, cross stitch, crochet, to knitting. As a national teacher, specializing in hand quilting, I have the pleasure of teaching in some of the largest shows in the country like the AQS Quilt Show in Paducah Kentucky, the Road to California Quilt Show (the largest quilt show in California), and the International Quilt Festival in Houston, among many others across the country.

Over the years, knitting has become my passion beyond many other crafts or hobbies that I still enjoy and I am glad to share some of it with you here. I have several designs in progress, some finished, and some in the mind of my muse waiting in the wings. After doing several KAL’s I have decided to take some of my designs and make them into something that everyone can enjoy.

Many people ask… why D K ? Well, after doing business on the Internet for more than 15 years that is just what I use for my online name. You can call me D, or DK, Deborah or whatever you like. Nautical Knitter? Well, of all places, I liked to knit on our sailboat (LAUGHALOT) the most. If you want to know who I am… I am a knitting, nautical wheeler, living behind door number three, trying to reason with hurricane season, dreaming of island zephyrs, dancing in three quarter time with my husband and one dog child, Ebenezer.

I look forward to getting to know you to. DK