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Caroline DesignPlease consider making a donation to help support our website and the pattern designs and products I create, most of which are offered for free.  All of the pattern designs and KAL’s take a lot of time to create and manage, and it does cost money to maintain the website, purchase the needed supplies, offer door prizes, and all the other expenses that go into this endevour.

If you would like to purchase a specific pattern design from my site, or a dollar amount that doesn’t show below, please use the button below where you can enter any amount, then choose the amount you would like to donate along with the pattern you wish to receive.  For dollar amount donations, please choose one the links below.  All donations made here will go to support of the items listed above which will ensure that I will be able to offer more great designs in the future.

In the future, once my pattern above is completed, I will start sending the completed design to all those who have made donations in the past.  If you would like to know more about me, DK, the Nautical Knitter, please go to me bio information located here.  Thanks for your support.  DK

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