Loki – The Beginning

Sixteen years ago, Scott’s sister and her husband bought a van to accommodate the transportation needs of their fast growing family. We have stared at this vehicle from across the pond on the family property for all those years wishing that someday the large Ford Econoline Extended 250 with the raised fiberglass roof would eventually find a different home.

You all know the saying “be careful what you wish for?” It has never been more true than this past week when, in a fit of temporary insanity, we purchased the van and moved it to our side of the property. They purchased a church shuttle bus to, again, accommodate their ever increasing family (moving into the grandkid stage at this point) and we got a really great deal on the van that we have watched (had to stare at) from afar for so long.

Why, you ask, would we purchase the van for our little family of two, plus fur babies? To turn it into a camper, of course. We have owned one other market purchased RV and also converted a greyhound bus into a home that we traveled and lived in for over 5 years, so this is not something terribly unusual for us to do, but this time I look forward to sharing the process of deconstruction and reconstruction of our new home away from home.

Meet Loki…

5 thoughts on “Loki – The Beginning

  1. Well my goodness!!  Y’all are such fun friends & do keep us entertained with your very interesting life!! Loki looks like he/she has been well loved all these years.  Can’t wait to meet her/him!   

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