Bridal Dress to Christening Gown – Creating a Keepsake

This up-cycle was a joy to complete. I had a client ask me to create a Christening Gown (gown) for her granddaughter from her Wedding Dress (dress). This was something I had done before, so it was not terribly difficult, but the results were phenomenal.

When I create these types of keepsakes, I try to study the original garment and let it speak to me about which parts are important to keep and which are not. In this case, the back of the dress (pictured below) had a beautiful rounded lace pattern and that was perfect for the front of the gown. The satin ruffle was also something that had to be incorporated into the gown.

The front of the dress had two smaller rounded lace patterns that I joined as back panels for the gown. The scalloped lace flower edging was salvaged to complete the edging as needed on the gown and the satin covered buttons, as well. Finally, the headband of the original veil was used to create a bonnet to accompany the gown.

Here are the photos from before and after the transformation and a bonus photo at the end of the child in the dress. What a joy it was to create something that can now be handed down in this family for generations to come.


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