Ya, I Did That

I used this title for my post because I can just picture some of you saying, “did you really do that?” Well, let me tell you what I did. I saw this idea on Pinterest a while back and, of course, pinned it to my “good ideas” board. That is the board that you pin things to when you think they are great ideas, but you know in the back of your mind that you will never get around to doing them.  Then I started messing around with my fabric remnants.

This is only one drawer.  There are several.  I have always been frustrated by the digging through all the fabric stacks that happens when I am looking for one particular shade of blue, etc.  I have to dig down and sort through which takes time and messes up folded material until it becomes one giant unfolded mess.  Sound familiar?

The solution is cardboard.  There is a commercially available source for the plastic version of what follows, but they are very expensive, comparatively and so, I opted for the cardboard equivalent.  My source for the squares is Uline, where I got them for about $10 per hundred.  They stock loads of different sizes, so if you are going to do this, measure your cabinet or drawer first and get what will fit for you.

I measured my drawers and found that I could “file” my fabrics on two rows of 7″ cardboard squares.  So, I started by purchasing one stack of 100 cardboard squares.  They came nicely packaged, but then Scott got a hold of them…

That was about half of what I needed, so I ordered more and with a little bit of work I washed, pressed, folded and wound my remnants onto these mini-bolts and filed them away back in the drawer from whence they came.  Any fabric remnant 1/4 yard or over was wound on a bolt.  On the bolts that hold 1/2 yard I made a notation with a pen on the cardboard.  Everything over a yard went into a separate drawer with my larger pieces.  Now when I need a blue, I just pull open the drawer and look for what I want without having to dishevel everything.  Nice, huh?


3 thoughts on “Ya, I Did That

  1. I love that idea! I read recently that someone used comic book boards to do the same thing but cardboard must certainly be cheaper! Congrats on being way more organized than anyone else I know ;o)

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