How many UnFinished Objects (projects) do you currently have going?   A long time ago, I decided that there was no rule of the universe that said all projects that are started must be finished.  In fact, I really like the process of starting on a new project.  The planning and collection of the fabrics, yarn, or whatever other materials needed is what really floats my boat.  Having the option to pick up various projects in various stages of completion is really nice.  Therefore, I admit that I have many, many more projects started than I could ever complete.  I’m good with that.

Sometimes, though, the projects get completed in spite of themselves and tonight another one of my UFOs became an FO.  May I present my version of the Rivendell socks from the book “The Eclectic Sole” by Janel Laidman.  I used lace weight yarn from Knitpicks, doubled.  They fit and are quite comfy.

One thought on “UFO

  1. I knew it! I knew that you couldn’t stay under the spell of your sewing machine forever, LOL! Love the socks and the color. Might have to borrow that book! (yes, there are sock books that I do not have) UFO’s are the way of life for an artist. We work at the whim of our muse! Unless it’s a project for a paying customer. 🙂

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