Family Occasions

Safe Arrival and Final Farewell

We arrived safely in the Dallas area on Wednesday and laid Mom to rest in the Dallas National Cemetery yesterday with a simple graveside service. The place where her remains are buried is so beautiful and I know she would be pleased.

Today’s Agenda

Today we had a family breakfast of Cream of Wheat, toast, and sausage. This is a traditional favorite in our family and my daughter-in-law to be is trying to learn the nuances of making it like my mother and I did (do). It is so nice to be surrounded by my family and this weekend is going to be so special and remembered for many years to come.

We will be leaving my step-father’s house soon to travel to Ennis, Tx and check in at the hotel. Then it is “get psyched for the polka contest” time. We will all be donning our costumes and heading for the hall where even more family will be gathering. Fun, food, good music and lots of dancing await us… Whoo Hoo, let’s go…

Is anybody out there?

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