Mr. K and Blogging

I have been meaning to mention these for some time and since insomnia is my friend today, I have been given the time to do an extra post, so here goes.

My mother, Georgia, and stepfather lived abroad in France and Germany for a total of 5 years or so.  During that time, my mother kept a journal of their adventures, beginning the day they arrived.  She wanted to document their experiences as Americans living and working abroad.  Since Georgia’s death, Mr. K has taken her journals and begun the process of entering the entries into a blog located here.  He is doing a post every day or so and, when he can, he is finding photographs in their albums that correspond to the entries’ topic.  The posts are short, have been very interesting and, occasionally, very funny.

Mr. K also has several other wonderful blogs that you might be interested in.  As a prolific photographer, Mr. K has taken thousands of images over the years and he is now sharing these photos with any one who would like to see them through his image of the day posts on his blog.  He maintains a faith based blog located here, and of course, if anyone is in need of his web or photographic services you can find more information here.

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