National Polka Festival 2008; Ennis, TX – King and Queen Dance Contest

Too Much Fun

There will be no knitting content this week. Instead, I will be updating this blog with several posts throughout the week about the festivities throughout the 2008 Memorial Day weekend. If you are interested in Polka music, Czech culture, or Costume design, you may be interested in these posts.

The weekend went by way too fast. We all had such a good time and, personally, I wish the fun could have continued for several weeks, months, or years. We are researching the possibility of going on the Polka Cruise, or even attending one of the other “national” festivals, like the one in Wilber, NE in the near future.

The Contest

Dad and I entered the contest and, although we did not win, we made it through the second round and had a blast! We have already made plans to try again next year. The new costumes are already in my head and you can watch their development this year on this blog. My father and I are the couple in the purple costumes, in case you didn’t know. Many thanks to my aunt Twina for taking the video. I hope you enjoy it.

National Polka Festival 2008 – King and Queen Contest

2 thoughts on “National Polka Festival 2008; Ennis, TX – King and Queen Dance Contest

  1. Hey –
    I don’t know that much about the Polka (shame my Polish heritage), but I think you and your father looked great out on the dance floor. Lots of energy, lots of twirls. I hope you had fun participating!

  2. You were truly “Dancing with the Stars” material. So many of the ladies just shuffled along. Your lovely purple skirt twirled and turned. As the judges would say “You were really having fun out there.”

    And don’t even think of emulating that yellow bird costumed couple next year. What were they thinking?!

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