Fun Times

The rain has stopped long enough for us to walk through the pasture and woods on semi-dry soil.  Scott finally got to try out his Christmas gift from me, a hammock.  The thing is so light and fits into a tiny bag, straps and all.  Here is a photo of me in it.  He really likes it and so do I (more than I thought I would).  Perhaps one is in my future for a birthday or something…hmmmmm.


It is dry outside, but still cold.  Can you tell?  Anyway, the hammock is awesome and I think he will use it a bunch this spring and summer.  It literally takes 30 seconds to set up.  Crazy.

Another fun thing to report today is the amazing victory of the Auburn Tigers NCAA Men’s Basketball team over the Kentucky Wildcats yesterday.  We went to the game fully expecting a blow out.  It was Kentucky, after all.  But our Tigers surprised us and fought extra hard as a team to win.  It was amazing!!  The students rushed the court, which I don’t think has ever been done at Auburn before.  Fantastic day!

Speaking of the Tigers, the mascot Aubie once again won Best Mascot at the Universal Cheerleaders Association’s national competition in Florida.  I couldn’t find a video of his actual competition, so here is the Back to the Future one we all love.


Is anybody out there?

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