Timing Is Everything // Beachcombing Between Storms

Last weekend we were going to go to the beach, but the threat of tornadic activity and the torrential downpours kept us home and inside.  This Thursday, we were able to make the trip, even with the threat of more rain.  Our objective was to try out our new tent and enjoy the sand and surf.  We thoroughly tested the tent and it withstood both the wind and rain well.  We had never set up this tent before and we did have to set it up in the rain, not something I would recommend if you have never set up a tent before.

Setting Up The NEW Tent In The Rain

Our camping experience is pretty extensive and we were able to get it up with few issues.  After we got settled in, we were talking about it and decided that it would be a great idea for couples who are thinking of getting married to go through setting up a tent together as part of their pre-marital counseling.  Anyway, this tent is huge.  We have always had backpacking tents, i.e. ones you can’t stand up in.  So it was a refreshing change to be able to freely move around inside the tent.

Where's Ebby?

Friday morning, the rain had ceased and it was quite cold before the sun came up.  Ebby had no problems finding a warm place to await the sun’s arrival.

Who's Cold?

We packed up the beach stuff and headed for the beach on Friday morning.  Ebby had a ball!

I'm Ready To Play

She was a little concerned by the waves, but soon got the hang of running on the beach with her mom and dad.  She really loves to run and if you check out the bottom photo you can see that sometimes she even knows how to fly.  Enjoy

Little Dog, Big Ocean

Deborah and Ebby

Ebby Loves To Run

3 thoughts on “Timing Is Everything // Beachcombing Between Storms

  1. Great pictures! DH and his family used to camp on Mississippi River sandbars in Illinois. The hardest part about sand tenting is keeping all the sand swept out of the tent!

    • The tent is a Columbia. Don’t know what the model name is at the moment. It has two rooms. The floor reaches across the entire tent, so even the “screen porch” is enclosed. We really like the design and the room.

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