It’s All Greek To Me // Lightning The Load

I spoke at length this week with those in the know at the advisers office and they assured me that it would be fine if I dropped my Greek class and took it at a later date.  I was relieved!  The class difficulty was not the issue, it was more of a time concern.  The semester that I have been in is a mini-semester that lasts 8 weeks.  I have been working on 9 credit hours, or 3 classes, Greek, Discipleship Ministries, and Church History I.  Concentrating on two classes instead of three has really lifted a lot of stress from the situation.

I am glad that I stayed in the Greek class long enough to learn the alphabet and how to read, or at least decipher, most of the words that I am confronted with in my other classes at the moment.  I have uploaded a copy of my syllabus here if you are curious about the requirements for New Testament Greek.  Next week I will give more detail about one of other classes and possibly post some of my papers as well.

Is anybody out there?

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