Can we talk?

My Dogs on Thursday post this week gives you all an idea of how Blazer and I communicate.  This is the expression that Blazer gives most of the time he is listening to what you have to say.  He loves to carry on a conversation and he will let you know his position as well.

What you talkin' bout?

11 thoughts on “Can we talk?

  1. Blazer looks like an excellent communicator! Those eyes speak volumes! I just love Bassets (well all dogs. but Bassets are my favorite!) I love it when you are cuddling and they decide to do pillow talk not a bark just kind of a grumble in their throat with up and down tones like they are telling you a story! Does Blazer do that?

    Happy DOT!

  2. Tina,

    Yes, yes, yes!!! I thought it was only Blazer that did that! He talks for long periods of time like that if he has someone who will visit with him! LOL

  3. Tina & DK, it’s not just yours, my bassets do that too! Especially if there is an audience.

    Love Blazer look – he is looking at you so intently, I’m sure he’s trying to figure out where you hid the biscuit! g

  4. “he’s trying to figure out how to out scheme you”

    That’s the truth. That dog out-schemed me for years when I lived at home. Always did get his way too.

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