Totally and Completely Bummed!

Well, between the time I created the video for the last post and this post, something has gone terribly wrong with my windows explorer.  This is the file manager window that opens when you want to look at your files, folder, whatever.  It will no longer allow me to view thumbnails.  This means that I cannot "pre"-view the photos I take for the blog. 

When a thumbnail is present in a folder that opens I get a message that the window has stopped working and is closing now…Then the obviously, overly stupid two buttons that say "OK" and "Cancel"!!

NO, it is not ok and I don’t want to cancel….Argghh!!  I did manage to get one good photo saved for this Thursday’s post, but all other photo posts are going to be slow in coming for a few weeks.  The ONLY thing that makes this better at all is that I am officially replacing my Windows Vista PC with a Mac!!  (now it will be sooner than later)  I’ll keep you posted…

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