Privacy Please

Do you often find yourself annoyed distracted by other people or activities going on around you? Perhaps you would be interested in knitting up one of these. Upon closer inspection, it may be possible for this to double as a sweater when not in use as a privacy protector.

Is it hot in here or is it just me?

I think the one above would make me too hot, not to mention claustrophobic! I like the one below better. Although, I think I would have a problem not being able to see the keys. Additionally, it wouldn’t work for those who type with the hunt and peck method. Just say’n…

Where is the delete key again?

3 thoughts on “Privacy Please

  1. … I suppose the first one would cut down on screen glare, and the second would encourage proficiency in touch-typing.

    I’m confused, however, at the lack of a side-mouse-pocket for the keyboard topper. Clearly, the user isn’t Microsoft Word-dependent. (I use anything but when I can, since everyone *but* the World programmers understand that “not having to take fingers off the keyboard” is important.)

  2. (The temptation to knit one of these for my Dad, whose computer is about as far from civilization as he can get, is strong. Just in case someone hiked 200 miles through the Great North Woods to peer in his window, of course. On the slight chance that he’d think I was serious about it, and have me committed to a Nice Home somewhere, I won’t.)

  3. I laughed heartily at the privacy sweater…

    but was intrigued by the hand warmer… my hands get so cold when I am on the computer, especially if the air conditioning is on Super-meg-ultra cold!

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