Czech This Out

Ok, I couldn’t resist that one. I am so excited that I have finally finished the costumes for the National Polka Festival that begins in less than 30 days.

The dress ensemble is mine to wear in the King and Queen Polka Dance Contest. The slacks, shirt and vest combination are for my father who will be competing with me. Let’s face it, I would look pretty silly out there dancing alone!!

I also made a vest to match my dress for my husband, Scott, who, although he likes to dance with me, does not embrace the same competitive gene that my father and I possess. Last, but not least, the little vest at the bottom left belongs to my grandson, William, who, if I have anything to do with it, will be learning some really cool dance steps next month.

Czech costumes for the 2008 National Polka Festival

This project was a lot of fun. There was no knitting involved, but the sewing, lace, hand embroidery, and trim work allowed me to be creative and do my own thing. I already have my color scheme picked out for next year’s costume. We are seriously going to have to investigate going to Illinois, Nebraska or Wisconsin for some other festivals during the year. Why save these costumes for only once a year?

6 thoughts on “Czech This Out

  1. Your costume is beautiful. I would like to make one too. Could you tell me if what pattern # you used for the vest and the blouse? I think I can figure out how to make a skirt and apron but I am lost on the vest and blouse?
    Thank you.

    Thanks for asking. For the blouse I used a basic, sleeveless pattern (New Look #6483) and added the sleeves myself. The vest for my costume is a modified version of the vest found in the Simplicity pattern #3809. The men’s vests were all made from the McCall’s pattern #8337. I hope this helps. Let me know if you would like more information and perhaps I will put more details in another blog post down the road. I will be making another costume set this year and will try to post more details as I go along.

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