The Secret of the Stole Photo Shoot

Now that the final hint has been released in the Secret of the Stole KAL I can finally show the world my completed stole. Mr. K took photos of her while we were at a city park several weeks ago and I have been dying to show them to everyone. So without further ado, I give you *********.

OOPS – Photos will be back in a momet

15 thoughts on “The Secret of the Stole Photo Shoot

  1. WOW! Yours is lovely! The color is beautiful for this pattern too! Are your posted pictures part of the clue as well? I was able to finish the final clue today and it is blocking right now! Great design!

  2. Wow! It’s nice to see the piece that started it all. I love the stole in white. Thank you very much for not only sharing the pattern but setting up the whole knit along!

  3. WOWsers! Your stole is the prettiest ever! And Mr. K’s photography rocks too! But…I gotta know…how did you get the sword to stand up “in the stone” for tht pic?!?

  4. Your stole is beautiful and the photography and staging excellent! Thank you for a fun, worthwhile experience — after my initial overwhelm, I loved every minute of it! Great KAL!

  5. This is stunning. I can’t wait to see what mine looks like blocked. I have to agree, though, that the white is a really good choice to show off the beauty of the design you created.

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