Secret of the Stole II KAL

The secret is in the mist…

Check out the Nautical Knitter KAL page to find out more about this new knit a long that will be beginning in January.  Please join up and don’t miss out on any of the fun!  In addition, feel free to snag one of these cool new blog buttons Mr. K made for the new KAL.  He is so awesome!






4 thoughts on “Secret of the Stole II KAL

  1. Wow, Mr. K – great design for the buttons!
    And “Mrs. K” :o) – great subtitle for SotS II! Can´t wait to January when it starts.

    Best wishes from Germany
    Bea *now going to translate Hint #8*

  2. Thanks Mr. K, for the nifty neato buttons! (If I ever get around to making time to update my blog, it will be right there in a prominent place!)
    Tried to comment on your T-Day adventure but got an Error so will applaud your positive attitude and adventurous nature here – all 3 of you – hoping you had a fun time of it all anyway!
    Seriously looking forward to your next KAL but you should make a Rule just for me – no pattern for SotS-ii until I finish SotS part one!

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