Secret of the Bikini?

We are having such a great time on the Secret of the Stole KAL group. I put out the first hint this past Friday and so far, there have been no explosions. The stole begins with two points instead of a more traditional one point. Many of the members have been posting that they are learning a lot already and we have only just begun.

Secret of the Bikini?

The Sit ‘n Knit New York group in New York City got together and had some fun Saturday evening. About a dozen of them brought their stoles to work on and I am not sure if alcohol was involved or not, but, someone eventually turned the two pointed end upside down and Viola, a bikini top was born. According to reports there was some singing of the song “She wore an Itsy, Bitsy, Teeny, Wheeny Secret of the Stole Bikini”. Here is their version of hint #1. Not quite what I had in mind, but completely hysterical nonetheless. Now I can’t get that song out of my head. Thanks, Judes (who is claiming she is not the one in the shot) for the photo and for making my soda exit my nose this morning. What a hoot.

Other knitting news. Knitting Daily has a short tutorial on how to convert a stitch pattern from knitting flat to knitting in the round. It is pretty basic, but a good place to start if you were wondering how it is done.

Also, check out this free hat pattern for the holidays. I am going to make two for my grandson. One as the pattern is written and one that is a silver or grey with a white, flat “tail” at the top of the hat so it will look like a Hershey Kiss.

11 thoughts on “Secret of the Bikini?

  1. What a creative group in NY — did you notice that the Itsy Bitsy … SOTS Bikini looked comfortable and actually seemed to fit the model! Hmmm
    I’m happy to say that my coffee had been tabled before I read the post! I’m enjoying this pattern, your hints and everyone’s guesses, as well as the day to day results.
    Take care and do let us see the Hershey Kiss when finished.

  2. Joan,
    Yes, it does fit the model quite well. I feel another design idea in the works… Just Kidding. We are heading to the boat this week so I am taking the hats to work on while we are there. I will post photos as soon as I can.

  3. The crazy thing is, there was no alcohol invloved! hahhahaha! Sit ‘n’ Knit will be gathering regularly to share in the fun that is this knitalong. Of ocurse, I am behind because my beads haven’t shown up yet….oops….

  4. Thanks so much for the words of enouragement on my blog. It is so nice that you are taking the time to comment for some of us newbies. :O) I’m really enjoying the pattern and can’t wait for hint #2. It has really been fun to progress with lace and add in some new things — like beads.

  5. Kati,
    I have found my calling as an enabler. But, I think it goes further than that. I really want to help people learn and understand that they can do things that may seem too hard at first. I am glad you are enjoying the stole. Come on Friday!

  6. I needed a laugh — and the bikini shot gave me a much needed dose! What fun– can’t wait to see what creative idea pops up next.

    This my first KAL — thank-you for the opportunity.

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