How to Use Beads in Your Knitting

The fact that I am a self professed enabler of the highest caliper is once again proven by this Secret of the Stole inspired video. Some of the members of the group needed a visual demonstration of how beads are placed on a knitted piece using the crochet hook method. Thanks to another member, Ivy, we now have a super video to show us all how it is done. My favorite part of enabling is watching others develop their talents that are just waiting to come out of the box. Thanks, Ivy!

4 thoughts on “How to Use Beads in Your Knitting

  1. Isn’t her video great? She has several very good ones.
    You are so funny…”My favorite part of enabling”…aren’t you ashamed of yourself?!? I love it – don’t stop! Speaking of which…just saw your new NK Designs button…must go be nosy…

  2. Mr. K made the new button for me. Isn’t it cool? We are in the process of getting our patterns digital so there will be something for the button to point to. Stay tuned….

  3. Thanks so much… It’s so clear now!!

    I have to wait for my yarn because I joined the KAL the last day… it’s so long… But I have the beads. I hope not having so much delay …

    Have a nice lace knitting!^^

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