Knitting News Travels Fast

Cherie AmourIn case you haven’t heard yet, the fall issue of Knitty is out today. I was able to peruse the patterns and articles and there are some nifty new patterns out this quarter. None of the patterns really jumped out and grabbed my interest though. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that I have enough in the works already. The Secret of the Stole, KAL, all my other stoles, shawls and socks in the works, and my muse tapping on the window with another stole pattern in her hand are all keeping me focused and slightly on edge these days.

However, I belong to a group called Sexy Knitters Club and throughout the year the group holds nominations on the next “item” we should all knit together. It is like a perpetual knit along. I like this group because they are a very active and very talented group of knitters and they keep me inspired and “on my game”. Sometimes the patterns that win the nomination have to be purchased if you want to participate and sometimes they are free. On the right is one of the newest nominations for the next KAL. It is straight from the fall issue of Knitty. My news travels fast these days.


I like the design above, but my vote will probably go to this really cute cardigan by Drops Design, Garnstudio.

Garnstudio Cardigan


6 thoughts on “Knitting News Travels Fast

  1. I love that Drops cardigan, too. I think I prefer it to the knitty pattern, but both would be good choices.

    Can’t wait for the first clue on the KAL, but I’m happy it’s a bit out, still; I have to get some other things off the needles.

    p.s. I don’t know if this comment is included in the crochet hook contest, but if it is, please do not include me; I already have one that is appropriate for beading, and yours should go to someone who really needs one!

  2. I love the one from Knitty, am considering it for myself. I always have a hard time finding patterns that include the xs. However, I am charmed by the cardigan. Looking forward to the first clue-

  3. That green cardigan has been on my mind since… I don’t know. Months? Years? Centuries? I love it.
    This Knitty pattern seems to have attracted lots of people. I must have a second loook at it. My favourite was the men’s sweater with patches and pocket. Different, fun and cool.

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