Sock Report and Public Knitting

During my morning perusal of the blogs that I read daily I came across a couple of entries that I found either full of good information or just down right funny. Fleegle’s blog is always a source for good technical knitting information, especially when lace is involved. In today’s entry, Fleegle gives a solution to those holes you get when connecting the heel to the instep. Her solution is amazing, actually works and is well worth investigating for all you sock knitters out there.

Public knitting is something I indulge in on a daily basis. The Knit and Tonic blog has an interesting take on alternative comments that can be made by the general public instead of the usual “my grandmother does that” or “what are you making, dear?”. Her point in the article is that we, as knitters, should let the general public be who they are, non-knitters. We should not complain so much when we get comments from them that show that they truly don’t understand the addiction hobby lifestyle that we embrace. Just accept them for who they are and try to have compassion on those who don’t get it.

4 thoughts on “Sock Report and Public Knitting

  1. LOL Thanks for this….”just accept them for who they are and try to have compassion on those who don’t get it” Ain’t this the truth!?

    Wicked~ who embraces happily her addiction hobby *ahem* lifestyle

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