Triplet Quilts and Mascot Competitions

I have two happy things to tell you about for this post.  First up, the triplet’s quilts are finished and have been delivered.  I started these a few months ago, but had to send them away to be quilted, so it took a little while for them to be completed.  Luckily, our friend’s triplets just came home from the hospital a week ago, so the timing worked out perfectly.  Here are the three photos of the finished quilts.  The photos show the front of each quilt and the label on the back.  I was happy with the puzzle piece label, except that the fabric was a little too dark.  The labels on the other two probably could have been fancier too, oh well.  You can see where I missed a corner on Collier’s label, boo!  Anyway, now I can move on to other sewing projects (i.e. clothing for me and binding the other quilts that have been sitting waiting their turn) and knitting, etc.

Elias Jude

Collier Leigh

McKelvey Reece

The second happy thing I have to share is Aubie’s 8th win of the UCA Mascot National Championship.  Aubie had to submit a video to be considered for the final cut and then he had to travel to Orlando and preform an original skit for the competition.  Auburn fans know they have the coolest mascot in the nation and here are the videos for you to see.  What do you think?


War Eagle, Ya’ll!!

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