Fen’s Sherlock Coat and Hat

I made this coat and hat for my grand-dog Fen about a month ago.  He lives in Colorado and is a big shivering baby Great Dane.  Anyway, I sent the coat and hat to Fen and it never arrived.  Then about a week ago, we received it back in the mail.  So, now I feel kind of bad that I griped about the Post Office losing my package, when I actually put the wrong address on the package.  Oh well, after paying twice to get it to the right place, Fen now has a new reversible fleece Sherlock Holmes coat and hat.

On one side of the coat I put applique letters spelling his name and the other side is plain hounds-tooth.  The hat came from an adult costume pattern.  I shortened the sides of the hat, since his head is as big around as a human’s but is much more shallow.  The only thing I did not like about the coat is that the neck opening is too large for him.  I will fix that the next time I can get a hold of the coat.

Houndstooth Side


Personalized Side

Fen in his new outfit

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