Y2K Quilt Top Complete – What is Next?

Finally, the Millennium quilt top has been assembled and all the paper has been removed from the back.  I have found someone to quilt it for me later in the year, so that makes two down, a zillion to go.

The next box I opened had this inside.

These are not pieced blocks, but cut squares ranging from 4″ to 6.5.”  There are thousands!!!  Most of these blocks came from another swap that I participated in in 1999 called the “Baseball Swap.”  I don’t remember what the rules were, but I vaguely remember that you had to choose a team and when your team won you received blocks and when your team lost, you sent them.  Anyway, since there were no signature squares involved in this swap, I decided to iron and stack the blocks and put them away in a drawer for use in the remaining quilt tops I come across.

Next up is the beginning of the T-shirt/Memory quilt top.  I have already started on it and will be posting photos soon.

Have a great weekend!!

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