University of South Carolina Fans – Showing Spirit

It seems like all I have time to post about lately is my current and completed projects.  I suppose, since that is what occupies most of my time these days, it is probably a good thing that I can at least document that portion of my life.  There are a few random things going on that I cannot speak about at this time, all good, but info on those will just have to wait a bit.  In the meantime, I give you my latest custom creation.  No, I did not actually choose the word, but it was the best one, in my opinion, that the customer offered.  This bubble is for a USC fan and their mascot is the Gamecocks.  So, use your imagination and you can probably understand why this was the best battle cry choice for this application.  Having said that, I really do like the colors and the outfit as a whole.  It is really cute and the model is just awesome!!  The outfit is based on the Spirit outfit.

Is anybody out there?

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