Galadriel // Finally A New Pattern


I finally found the time to sit down and put together this pattern.  The Atlanta Knitters Guild Secret knit-a-long took place in June, 2009.  Since starting back to school I have not had time to do much designing or editing and so now it is November and the pattern, somehow, is complete and ready for sale.


I have another pattern in the queue and one in the head, so maybe I can stay motivated to get them out for you all soon.  The next Secret of the Stole Knit-A-Long will probably be next year sometime, but I have no idea when.  The two patterns that I have coming up are more narrow in theme and are really not suitable for a “world-wide” knit-a-long.  There will be another one, I just don’t know when.

Here are the links to Galadriel:

Patternfish and    

I hope you enjoy it.  Fair Winds, DK the Nautical Knitter

3 thoughts on “Galadriel // Finally A New Pattern

  1. I went to LU! Didn’t finish but……I went there LOL. If I only knew then what I know now….that school is DARN expensive and when you get to go for free FINISH!!!! Anyway, enjoy. (Your pattern is beautiful as usual)

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