Doing My Part To Stimulate The Economy // Cheaper Than I Could Make It

Today I broke down and purchased a petticoat for my costume this year. I was browsing for a pattern for a petticoat (free, of course). You wouldn’t think they would be that hard to make, just a bunch of gathered tulle and some elastic…wrong. So, anyway, while I was browsing the internet for a pattern I found a site that had the exact petticoat I was looking for and it was less than half of what I would have had to pay for the materials alone! Here is what I purchased. Let’s hope it fits and doesn’t require any “modifications”.

Speaking of costumes, I am almost finished with my shirt for this year and finished my vest a week or so ago. Once the shirt is finished I will get a photo posted of both together. My father’s shirt I took to the local embroidery shop here and chose a simple design from one of their books. I will post a photo of that when I get it back as well.

Many of you have asked about the next Secret of the Stole KAL. I am currently working on two patterns right now. The first is a secret knit a long that will begin in June for the Atlanta Knitters Guild. I am speaking at their monthly meeting on the topic of secret knit a longs and have been designing a pattern just for them. If you are anywhere near Atlanta and would like to meet me or participate in the knit a long, please come to the meeting. It should be lots of fun. The pattern will be available for purchase when the knit a long is over.

The second pattern is for the Secret of the Stole IV.  The yahoo group for this stole exists, but is NOT open for membership yet.   I have the pattern pretty much completed, but not test knitted. Realistically, starting school and designing the other pattern is going to set back the timing a little. Hopefully, the Secret of the Stole IV can begin sometime in June or July. Keep your fingers crossed…

Fair Winds

One thought on “Doing My Part To Stimulate The Economy // Cheaper Than I Could Make It

  1. I am so much looking forward for a new secret of the stole. Your second secret learned me I can do lace knitting, it took me forever but I love it so much. I didn’t join for the third, but I’m so ready for the fourth you can’t believe it

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