The Mac Has Arrived, Now What?

Ok, so I have now opened the new computer and booted her up.  Wow, what an amazing difference.  Even the packaging is different from the HP/Dell stuff.  If you have ever purchased an Apple product you know what I am talking about.  They employ some real geniuses in their marketing department.  The packaging and presentation of the products is unprecedented!  Opening this computer (even the box that the mouse came in) was like opening a shiny new Christmas Present.  Every seal that was broken was followed by an ohh or ahh!!  Too funny.

New Mac Notebook

Now the fun of transferring data, fonts, and programs begins.  Not to mention the learning of an entirely new operating system.  Which I can say that I already LOVE!!!  Talk to you all later, I am off to play work with my new toy data manipulating device.

5 thoughts on “The Mac Has Arrived, Now What?

  1. Oh…so pretty!

    I have had my MacBook Pro for a little over a year, and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever purchased.

    I remember the day it arrived. You described the experience of opening it to a tee! My kids and I ooohhhed and aaaahhhheeeed.

    Have fun and enjoy! It won’t take long before you’re zipping along!

  2. I, too, thoroughly enjoyed the oooo’s and ahhhh’s when I got my MacBook Pro. Now you need one more thing. The Missing Manual, We had the Panther version. My husband has had Mac’s since the old old days of Apple. He swears by this manual. When we got my laptop and his new desktop, we bought the Leopard version. It’s great for looking up how-to’s.
    Enjoy the Mac

  3. A new Mac *and* a new chihuahua? Life will be lively at your house! My MacBook is about a week old (although it’s the white version). Do *not* underestimate the challenges of the new OS . . . and I keep finding more reasons to keep going with this transition. The first bits are easy, which is a blessing. Then I have gotten into how powerful the system is, which means even more to learn.

    I have found fantastic additional software as well.

    Yes, for the Missing Manual. There’s a Switching to the Mac version (which I have from the library right now) and the Mac OSX Leopard one, which I bought with a discount coupon a couple of days ago.

    Friends have supplied me with a long list of “switching to the Mac” web sites. Let me know if you would like them. There’s a lot of info on the Apple site itself.

    Enjoy. . . .

  4. We have a Mac at home, with a Dell laptop if we *must* use a Windows product. (The laptop never, EVER connects to the internet, since Windows machines are so vulnerable to sniffles, colds, and death-by-virus.)

    I love the Apple stuff because it’s a solid OS – if it’s buggy, it doesn’t go in the machine. None of this “patch” stuff!

    (Oh, did I mention? Finally finished SotS-II – it’s SOOOOOOOO lovely! I’ll try to get decent pics up this week!)

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