Thank You Veterans and Those Currently Serving

In a free country there is much clamor, with little suffering; in a despotic state there is little complaint, with much grievance.  Carnot


I know very few, if any, veterans read this blog, but I just wanted to send my thanks out to those who may.  If you know or are related to a veteran, or someone currently serving in our military, please pass on my gratitude to them for fighting for my freedom to live in this wonderful country called the United States!  Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Thank You Veterans and Those Currently Serving

  1. DK, this means a lot to me and my soldier. I have passed along your link asked him to share this with all the men and women he is working with while in Iraq. Thanks, it means a lot to us both.

  2. What a lovely thing to do. I know lots of vets and lots who are still serving. They are both so important to this country and our freedom. Even in times of peace they put their lives on the line each and every day. In the 3 years (out of the 9 in the Navy) that my DH served on an aircraft carrier they lost lives preparing for the possibility that we might need their protection. My sincere thanks to those that still serve and special prayers for those families who have lost loved ones in times of peace and in times of conflict.


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