Carving Pumpkins into Jackolanterns in Autumn

Scott’s PumpkinMr. K and I spent a little quality time together yesterday welcoming in the autumn season by carving a couple of Jack-o-Lanterns. Mr. K collected various knives and scooping devices and set out to do his own thing with his pumpkin. He created a one of a kind, odd looking character. His pumpkin looks like it would like to eat you and would do it while smiling and making you happy to be there all at the same time. But, that is just my opinion. What do you think?

DK’s PumpkinCompleted carvingsOn the other hand, I took the more structured approach by using a template of a ghost that I printed from a pumpkin carving web page. It was smooth sailing for me after I wipped out the proper equipment for the job. Don’t you just love the dremel? It has so many uses. Blazer decided to hone in on my fun though. He appeared to be trying to help, but we all know he was in it for the pumpkin pulp. Yum, Yum. We all had a great time and really enjoyed the ushering in of the fall season.

ScarySpeaking of the fall season with all it’s various holidays. I have come across two free knitting patterns just in time for Halloween. You may have already seen these, but I thought they deserved honorable mention here. The first is a pattern for a scarf from the fall 2005 issue of Knitty. The pattern is called Yorick. It is felted, looks like it would be a pretty quick knit and would definitely make a great conversation starter at your next SnB or office party.

The second pattern is a pirate lovers pattern that has possibilities as a Halloween pattern as well. Do you like to do lace knitting? How about inserting a Skull and Crossbones motif into your next shawl, stole, or scarf? This pattern is cute and I think it would look good without being repeated. Think of the amusing looks and interesting questions you would get once someone figured out that your lacy stole contained an buccaneer element in the design. Too funny.

7 thoughts on “Carving Pumpkins into Jackolanterns in Autumn

  1. The pumpkins look great! I always buy those booklets of the really hard ones and then curse myself because I always cut off the little pieces that I’m not supposed to! 🙂

  2. AJ,
    Yes, when I was doing the left eye of mine the dremel got a mind of it’s own and took off toward his nose. You can’t see it in the dark though. It really makes me appreciate the really intricate ones. I guess with the right tools anything is possible…

  3. Dremels rock! They’re both great – not even surprised on the vast difference of techniques employed by you both – LOL! Blazer likes the pulp? Ok, I’ve got a cat who likes Doritos so…it’s all good. Soup, bread or pie?

  4. Great minds think alike I am pumpkin carving with 6 children on thursday – they are getting a spoon each for starters!! I am getting pumpkin pie if I get organised yummy. Thanks for commenting on my blog it is a real ego boost for the designer to be checking in!

  5. Courtney,

    Good question! New knitting content coming soon….. OTN at the moment is an almost completed Secret of the Stole. I can’t very well show THAT yet, now can I? LOL

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