Technical Knitting

Has anyone noticed that the Knitting Daily emails lately are beginning to look a lot like the Lion Brand emails? Basically not like blog posts anymore and more like ADVERTISEMENTS! What happened to the interaction with the subscribers that was going on in the beginning. Knitting Daily, in my opinion, started out as a really interesting list that was offering tips and a free pattern every so often, along with long commentary from the host, Sandi Wiseheart, on new techniques. Now it has become just another way for Interweave Knits to fill my inbox with advertisements for their magazines, most of which I already subscribe to anyway.

A site that does offer fantastic, practical and ad-free technical knitting instruction is TECHknitting . This blog is amazing to me. In the spirit of Elizabeth Zimmerman, Techknitter (I don’t know her/his real name) is a virtual encyclopedia of tips and tricks for your knitting process and offers all this knowledge to the reader for free. The explanations are in depth and the graphics are fantastic. If you haven’t checked this site out, I recommend that you do it when you have time to spend reading and taking notes (or at least printing).

Ever wonder how to do bust darts in your knitting? I found this blog post a while back and thought I would share it with you. Enjoy.

8 thoughts on “Technical Knitting

  1. Yes, I was just thinking the same thing and wondering about it. I guess you have to put up with the advertising and registering to get the patterns, etc. Gets cumbersome after a while, but the patterns are free….a trade off of sorts, I guess. I agree. TECHKnitting is a good blog.

  2. I too noticed that about Knitting Daily. At first I thought it was just me, or perhaps just one or two editions. However, it really seems to be the new layout. Which is a pity. Much like you Dk, I already subscribe to Interweaves publications. For them to blast me with more ads is useless for everyone concerned.

  3. I’ve noticed recently KD has become a bit crochet heavy, too. Now, I crochet (although the crocheting has ended up in a coma these days, as knitting is just too explosively nice for me), but I am not hungry for info about it. I am still subscribed because I am holding out hope that it will be the daily knitting e-magazine I first thought it would be.

  4. I’m glad I’m not the only one bothered by that! I keep getting them because there seems to be the occasional one that enjoy reading. But I donn hate having to wade through the ads.

  5. Okay, it is not just me. I don’t mind the occasional ad email but they are blasting you with them. And if you are subscribed to the newsletter, you shouldn’t have to register to get the patterns. I don’t mind the crochet but there needs to be a balance and it is not there.

  6. I’m with ya on that! I unsubscribed to the promotional emails via a link at the bottom of one of them. I just bookmarked TECHknitting! Thanks so much, that blog is great!

  7. We must all have a similar advertisement tolerance. I too noticed the other day that these newletters have turned into email advertisements for the books/magazines. Thanks – I thought I was getting cranky.

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