I’ve been accused of being a very patient person…….

but, my patience is wearing pretty thin these days when it comes to house construction. So, pardon me while I rant a little. This will probably be the only time you hear me complain about the house construction, but I have to let it out or explode. So here goes.

We began building this house in January, 2006. It is now mid-October and we are still waiting for it’s completion. Apparently, if you build a house out in the country the contractors don’t like to come out to work. Go figure…. At the rate at which the house is being built we will be lucky to be moved in by Christmas 2007!!

Every day we make the 30 minute drive out to the house to check on progress and every day there is one more thing done. This would generally be considered to be a good thing, however, the one thing completed is usually a lightbulb being screwed in or a cabinet (singular) being installed. If you follow the dates of the photographs you will understand what I am talking about. The following photos reflect an entire month’s progress on this house and I am photographing every thing that is being done. This is why there have been no photo updates of the house lately. I now have enough photos collected of house progress to compile into a couple of entries. Here is the first entry (September’s work) of completed work, or partial completion as is more the case these days. These photos are ones I took up to September 27, 2006.

Paint on the Walls
The entire house is painted in Sherwin Williams “Kilm Beige”, with “Extra White” for all ceilings and master bath walls. Only the downstairs powder room and the upstairs bath have walls of a different color.

Paint on walls downstairs (9-5-2006)

Cutie pie!

Paint and trim on stairs.

Cabinets Installed
In keeping with the spirit of a simple and clean style throughout the house the cabinets are all natural wood poly coated. We wanted the wood to show in the cabinets and floors so there is no stain involved in either process, just poly coating.

Kitchen Cabinets (9-7-2006)

Powder Room Cabinet (also paint color)

Master Bath Cabinet

Scott’s Built-in Bookcase

Upstairs Bath Cabinet (also paint color)

Deborah’s Built-in Bookcase

Lighting and Fans
The lighting and ceiling fans we had installed were as simplistic and unobtrusive (gaudy) as we could possibly find. The two areas in the house that we opted for some type of design was the lighting fixtures in the two full bathrooms and the ceiling fan in the great room. We both really liked this fan and thought it’s design went well with the natural theme of the house.

Great Room Ceiling Fan (isn’t it great?!)

Master Bath Laminate and Lighting (9-26-2006)

Wall Sconces on the Staircase

Fans on the Patio

What’s this? A septic system?
We arrived on 9-27-2006 to find a monster of a tractor behind the house. The septic system was being installed. Whoo-Hoo!! The septic contractor was super nice and couldn’t understand why he hadn’t been called much earlier to put in the system. Like most of the other sub-contractors we have talked to so far. Again, go figure…..


Cleared Area for Septic


There must have been some kind of lull in the sub-contractors world this week because the same day the septic was installed the tile guy came out and put in the kitchen countertop tile. While he was there he also laid the tile for the hearth that is actually a pad for the woodburning stove we are installing. We designed the hearth ourselves and drew it on the floor with a pencil for him to fill in. He did a great job!

Kitchen Tile (9-27-2006)

Kitchen Tile

Natural Light in Kitchen

Kitchen Bar Tile


Master Bath Tile

Upstairs Bath Tile

We stood at the front entry for a while after the electricians had been putting in lighting and studied the front entry lights. If you look closely, they are not level, not even close. You know how sometimes things get so frustrating that you just have to laugh or you are going to cry? Well that is how I felt when I saw those lights. We just both started shrugging our shoulders and laughing. What’s next???????

Is anybody out there?

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