Cathedral Windows

Saturday, 4.9.22, was a big day for me. We finally have internet that will handle live streaming and so, after a year of being “offline,” I was able to get back on and share what I love doing through my Youtube channel.

This first episode back was all about the Cathedral Windows quilt/coverlet pattern and how to create your own. It is a very simple pattern and takes just a little practice to master the steps involved. In the video, I give fun tips on how to place color behind the windows and show, in detail how to place the colors in the windows.

We used to sell kits to create small wall hangings using this technique, but we don’t sell them anymore. Here is a copy of the instructions we included with each kit. The instructions do not exactly match the video, as some of the steps in the video are done on the sewing machine today, but these are the steps in creating this quilt/coverlet regardless of which method you use.

Unlike the Cathedral Windows patterns of today, this method is truly the traditional, three dimensional one. All the quick sew ones of today are a flat representation of this original design.

If you take these instructions and watch the stream, you will likely get hooked on this pattern as I have been for many years. It is the perfect take along project and is partly done on the machine and partly by hand.

I hope you enjoy this video and will subscribe to my channel so you won’t miss out on future fun quilt and sewing projects. Have a technique or design you would like to know more about? Leave me a comment and I will try to put together a video about it, if I know how to do it. 🙂


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