Christmas is coming, a quilty post :-)

The older I get, the faster time flies. How many times did I hear that when I was younger and never understood, until now. Seems like July 4th was yesterday and now we are just around the corner from Christmas 2021. Covid numbers are on the rise again with this new Delta variant, anti-vaxer is the new word of the year, and the Taliban has all but retaken Afghanistan. What a wonderful time to be an American and be blessed with the ability to work from home.

On that note, Christmas orders are starting to come in to Arwen’s Child Heirlooms again this year, as strong and steady as last year. Memory quilts, pillows, and other items are the bulk of my business these days. When you add to that work the number of people getting married and having babies (requiring gifts), you can imagine it has been quite busy here on the farm. Below are two of the many fiber projects I have completed since the last post.

Here is one of the wedding gifts I have made in the past month.

Curvy Log Cabin for the Hutsons

This second quilt was a special one for me to finish. Scott’s aunt is a sewer and quilter and she is currently having some health issues that make quilting much more challenging. She asked me to design and complete a quilt for her husband that she had been wanting to make for some time. After I received the fabrics from her and general instructions on what she was looking for, this is what I came up with.

Once you get past the subject matter of the quilt, which is difficult to do down here in SEC country (and being a Texas Longhorn fan myself at heart), you can see the design elements of the quilt, right down to the E2E quilting design. Since the pattern was a version of a “fan” pattern, I titled the quilt “Duck Fan.” The “O” was created using a stencil and was machine appliqued. The the E2E design is Duck Tracks from Intelligent Quilting. The last detail was the label that I machine embroidered on fabric, cut in the shape of Oregon, and then machine and hand layer appliqued on the back.

Finally, here on the farm the past couple of weeks, we have had a zero radius mowing tractor on loan from the local John Deere dealer, while they attempted to locate our missing finishing mower order. How one loses a finishing mower deck is beyond me, but having this mower on loan turned out to be quite a fun adventure. I believe we may get one next year to make the enormous mowing task here a bit faster, which is always the point of the “on loan” product from a dealer in the first place, right. If you have never driven one, I encourage you to do so if you ever have the chance. It is like having a Disney ride of your very own. Enjoy the video below and the shear look of glee on my silly face. It really made doing a huge chore a lot of fun.

There is more work going on in the water garden and lots more going on with the Live Stream. I am preparing to work on the new Project Linus Mystery Quilt-a-long, “Oliver in the Doghouse” and will stream some of that progress. I am looking forward to getting back to streaming and connecting with you all after Labor Day. Until then, stay safe and quilt on… ~D

Is anybody out there?

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