The Water Garden – Part 6 (and other things going on around here)

Friday was the first day we have been able to get back out in the morning and do anything significant in the water garden area. The entire month of July has been spent indoors sheltered from the constant pouring rain, or the brutal 90+ temperatures.


The rain was very good for the plants, though.

Elephant Ear for Water Garden Planting

The skimmer was delivered and we managed to stay out long enough in the morning to get the area sculpted (dug) out for where it belongs. We decided on the Helix Skimmer and, since we have a 6000 – 8000 gallon garden, we purchased additional filter material and black caulk sealant that will work with the pump we have. We have placed half cinder blocks underneath the skimmer and it is level and ready to go. The next step for the skimmer is to do the plumbing, which means trenching the line where the outflow to the pump goes.

The outflow opening on the skimmer is quite low on the unit, so the trench needs to be a couple of feet deep and level. The less of an up angle we put on the flow, the less the pump has to work to circulate the water. Anyway, I spent this morning digging the trench and it was, surprisingly, easier than I thought it would be. A pick axe is a wonderful tool for this!

Leveling the Skimmer
Drain to pump coming out the back.

This coming weekend, we hope to get the bricks in place for the retaining wall that go across the short area you see in the photo below. The wall between where I am sitting and the skimmer. Essentially, we want to shore up the wall at the house side, in front of the skimmer, to ensure that nothing moves and everything beneath the liner is firm.

Other happenings around here include a sudden trip two weeks ago for Scott’s mother to the hospital. As Scott was leaving for work, we heard an ambulance and didn’t think much of it, as it is a somewhat common occurrence out here. When he got down the driveway to his parent’s house, he could see that it was in their driveway. Scott’s mom has been having very bad migraines lately and that morning woke up not being able to feel her left side of her body.

That started a chain of events that, after ruling out stroke and several tests for other things, landed her at Emory hospital where she had a brain tumor (apparently the size of a lemon) removed. All the hospitals in Alabama that could have handled her particular situation, with a brain surgeon on staff, were full and could not give her a bed. Thanks Covid!!

Anyway, in the span of 11 days, she went from the driveway, to Emory, to EAMC rehab hospital in Valley, AL, to home tomorrow. I am so amazed that everything happened so very quickly, she is doing very well, and she is going to be back home.

Finally, yesterday, after Scott got home, I was on my way out the patio screen door to go make a plant inspection around the water garden area, when Scott suddenly said STOP! I turned around and looked out the screen door and saw this ambling across the concrete slab. This was NO rat snake. Scott went out to get a closer look and said “Go get your gun!” I knew it was a bad one. Turns out it was a Cottonmouth that was not afraid of anything. After several rounds, he/she finally met their maker and all is well again. I hate snakes. UGH!

And so, I leave you with this update on progress video that I just ran out and shot. Enjoy 🙂

Quilting continues here on the farm, but that is a topic for another post. Until then, enjoy our progress and let us know what you are up to. We love hearing from you in the comments!


4 thoughts on “The Water Garden – Part 6 (and other things going on around here)

  1. Glad your MIL is doing better. That must have been a huge surprise. Wish we could have had some of your rain. Way to dry here. Now…aren’t you glad you have a gun? 😉 That’s a big old snake!!

    • I wish you could have had some of the rain, too! LOL. I was thinking about you and Barry the whole time we were working out property rights with the snake. Thank you for that!! The snake is not getting any older now. Whew! Miss you!!

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