Patrick’s Puzzle – Clue #2

Welcome to the second week of the Patrick’s Puzzle Mystery Quilt-a-long. This is clue #2 and I am so happy you are here. This clue involves Paper Piecing, so if you have not done this technique before, this is the perfect time to learn. Paper Piecing is a foundation piecing method that involves sewing fabrics to a foundation piece of paper in a specific numbered order and can be quite easy. I have designed this quilt with large paper piecing sections so that those who have never done this technique will be able to master it quickly by working on this clue.

Please do not be intimidated by this technique. I will explain and demonstrate in great detail on Youtube tomorrow (Wednesday March 24, 2021) so you can watch how it is done and follow along. Join me live, tomorrow, so you can ask questions as we go along through chat. I will be happy to help, in real time. Otherwise, do watch the video after it airs, as I will have plenty of pointers and tips/tricks to help work through this clue successfully.

Today, I am releasing the clue here first, so that you will have an opportunity to print out the foundations ahead of time.

If you already know how to paper piece, please feel free to work through the clue at your leisure. I hope you enjoy it!!

Please note: If you have never done paper piecing, please don’t be intimidated. Head over to my Youtube channel for help. I have several videos where I show this technique, including the one for this clue, specifically (released tomorrow).

1. Cut (8) 2” x 8” strips of each color fabric. These eight strips form a set. (8 sets)

2. Cut (4) 3.5” x 9” strips of background per color set. (32 strips total)

3. Cut (1) 10” square of background and then cut from corner to corner both ways to create (4) triangles per color set.

4. Using the templates below (BE SURE TO PRINT “ACTUAL SIZE”) and the cut fabrics, paper piece sections A, B

and D twice for each color set, using the strips and triangles (see the Clue #2 Youtube video for fabric placement

if you are unclear about this step).

5. Do not remove paper yet.

6. Press and SET ASIDE (Do not join sections to each other).

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