Patrick’s Puzzle – Clue #1

Part #1

  1. Cut 2.25” strips of each of the eight colors.  (Since this is mystery was originally designed for a scrap quilting group, the exact number of strips is not given.  Follow the measurements needed below to determine how to cut from your stash).  If you are working from true fat quarters, do not cut the entire piece into strips.  You will need other size pieces in the upcoming clues.
  2. Cut (8) 2.25” squares of each color from strips.  Each color is one set.
  3. Cut (4) 4” x 8” rectangles from background fabric for each color set of squares.
  4. Sew two squares OF THE SAME COLOR to two corners of each rectangle on same long side for all sets. (see Diagram #1) This is called “dog ears” or “snowball.”
  5. Trim off excess, leaving ¼” seam allowance in back.
  6. Press seam to color side.

Diagram #1

  1. Cut (6) 2.25” squares of each color.
  2. Cut (6) 2.25” squares of background.
  3. Sew a background square to each color square and press seam to color side. 
  4. Set Aside.

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