Down the Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit Hole is a very long one indeed. I feel like I am just starting to emerge from this pile of orders and projects that have been occupying my time lately. It has been quiet on the blog and here is why.

One of many orders fulfilled in the past few weeks is this adorable bear and pillow combination. The bears, pillows, and doggies have been all the rage lately and it seems like I am making one every other day, or so. If you have not seen the wide range of memory softies I make, head on over to the Etsy shop and check it out.

Client orders for custom quilts have been up lately, as well. Mostly T-shirt memory quilts, but occasionally I get to do a fun baby quilt for a special little one. This one was for a sweet baby girl.

When not working on orders, I did manage to get some personal quilting done and even started a new quilt during my Youtube stream a couple of weeks ago. This one I am calling the Witch’s Apothecary and it is my version of the bookshelf quilts that were so popular earlier in this century. Oui!

I have managed to make a block with bowls, several jar blocks and yesterday I managed to get that cauldron put together. I still have a lot of books to make that will go on the “shelves” and several more knick-knacks that will be scattered throughout. I am planning on a potted venus fly trap plant, a magic wand, a bowl of peppermints (because I happen to have that fabric), a jar of eyeballs, several more bowls and plates, possibly a frog, and definitely a spider. If you can think of other things that should go on the shelves of this quilt, please leave me a comment below. I would love to hear your ideas!!

If you have not visited my Youtube channel, please come on over and, while you are there, subscribe so you won’t miss a thing. I have so many things to share about quilting and sewing with you and would love to hear from you in chat while I am live. See you there!!

Last, but certainly not least, I finally got my Alice quilt quilted. I am sooooo excited about the way it turned out. Once it is bound, I will do a post on it by itself, but for now, here is a sneak peek of the quilting design I chose. LOVE IT!!


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