Scrap Quilting for Me

So, I am feeling pretty psyched right now. I have been straightening my studio after the whirlwind of Christmas orders were finished and I came across a bag with an enormous amount of beige two-tone yardage that I had cut into pieces for a Southern Belle dress. Since I had cut it so long ago and, obviously, lost interest in making the gown, I decided to take a mini-me break and stitch up a sample of this block from my ever growing stash of 1.5″ squares, using the found fabric as a background for the quilt.

This is the first block of many to come. It is not perfect. But, the pattern works and that is all I was looking for at this point.

Here is what I did:

These are 1.5″ scrap squares. I have been sewing four patches of 1.5″ squares, so I used those. You can see them above in the corners and in the center. I used 2.5″ background (beige two-tone) squares and sewed a 1.5″ square to opposite corners. Cut off the excess in the back and press. All the blocks are then 2.5.” Sew them together in rows, following the photo and Voila’ you have this lovely scrap block. The block measures 8.5″ at this stage.

I see a lot of these in my future. There will be future posts to show the progress on this quilt, but for now, I am happy.


Is anybody out there?

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