Christmas Orders Complete

Another season of frantic sewing for client Christmas orders has finally come to an end. I have assembled, quilted and shipped/delivered 8 quilts, created 10 memory pillows from men’s shirts, and sewn 4 memory animals from client’s cherished articles of clothing to remind them of a loved one they lost recently. All of that was done between October 1st and yesterday, December 12, 2020. Whew, I am exhausted.

The most memorable order I made this year was a dog that I created for a client to memorialize her own yorkie that she recently lost. I used the dog sweaters (they were tiny) to create this sweet patchwork doggie.

The sweaters were so small that I had to use every little piece that I could. I love a challenge!

Now that the orders are out of here and I can focus on some sewing for me and some other household chores, I thought it might be fun to play some Christmas music to get the festivities going here in the studio. What would Christmas carols be without a fire in the fireplace? Seriously, check out Youtube for hours of music videos. These are not the videos that I remember, you know, all those Mtv ones we used to watch in the 80’s and 90’s. Nope, now you can actually put on a 9 hour roaring fireplace with Christmas music and it looks seriously real. Who knew?

2 thoughts on “Christmas Orders Complete

  1. Of course I can believe you could possibly get all that done. The dog is adorable and I am sure the owner will cherish her memories. Had you thought about taking a little time to rest, listen to the music and watch the fire. Love you!

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