2020 – Not what we thought it would be…

2020 is going to go down in the historical record as one of the worst years for most of humankind. Most would say it has been one bad thing after another, non-stop. I would have to say that I am not one of those many, but probably one of the few who sees 2020 as something entirely different. Gladly, our family is one of those that thus far has stayed Covid free. We have extended family who have had it, but our household has, thus far, not. This is such a blessing when I think about all those, some of whom I know, have lost loved ones to this horrible pandemic.

The changes for our family have been interesting, but really not at all bad. We were always germaphobes, but now we feel somewhat justified in that way of life by the millions who have had to learn to wash/sanitize their hands, wear a mask, and most importantly, keep their distance from everyone else. Call me crazy, but I always enjoyed my personal space and usually got/get ancy when someone invades it. So for us, not much changed in the social aspect of our world this year.

One thing that did change was the way we shop. We were always avid online shoppers, but now, we may even be considered pros. Add to this the amazing service that is curbside pick-up and boom, convenience and social distance at it’s finest. Even after the vaccine has been thoroughly implemented, I will not go back to full grocery shopping when I can have someone do it for me and load it in my vehicle. Pretty much a no-brainer there.

Online shopping works both ways, too. Another thing this pandemic has brought on is the upsurge in orders for my Etsy shop. I have been busier with Christmas orders this year than any previous year and I am so hoping this trend continues.

The inconveniences of this year have been many. We are going to miss two weddings of close family members, attending sporting events has been nixed, and in person worship at church is probably not going to happen again for me any time soon. The flipside has been that we have had more family time, more time to be at home and enjoy it, more time to walk the dog, just more time in general. For that I am grateful!

For many, 2020 began with the pandemic and it seems like everything (non-Covid related) that went wrong in our lives after that got thrown into the dumpster that we labeled the “worst year ever.” Would those other things have happened anyway? Probably.

The best thing we can do is to continue to work through each day loving who we can and trying to find something in each day to be happy about. I hope that you can find something good that came out of 2020, even if it is just that you survived. Peace, until next time…

Me and Edgar at a deserted Chewacla State Park at lunchtime.

3 thoughts on “2020 – Not what we thought it would be…

  1. I have used many of your germ avoidance techniques. Glad I learned from a pro, lol! I have many things to be thankful for not the least of which is that I have completed my chemo! Today’s oncologist appointment gave me a good report. Bloodwork was normal. Yippee!

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