Round Robin 2020 – Part 7 – The Big Reveal

It took eight months and lots of thought and sewing to make it to the end of this round robin swap, but the time to hand off each top to their owner had come. How appropriate that the date for exchange was set for Halloween. You all know that is my favorite day of the year! When you see my quilt top you will understand how perfect that date was for the transfer.

Below are the finished tops in the order that they passed through my hands. See if you can find the row that I added and then follow the progression of rows that others added after mine. It is really a fun exercise.

First up: Becky’s Butterflies and Blooms

Becky’s Butterflies and Blooms

Second: Sharon’s Americana

Sharon’s Americana

Third: Nola’s Southwestern

Nola’s Southwestern

Fourth: Michelle’s Cathedral Windows

Fifth: Jenny’s Southwestern Dresden

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is screen-shot-2020-12-01-at-10.18.30-am.png
Jenny’s Southwestern Dresden

And, finally, I can reveal my quilt top. I am so over the moon with what these talented group of ladies did with my top! It is SEW ME!!

Here is an overall shot and then the ones following are closeups of the various areas of amazing work. I have titled it “Through the Looking Glass.” Enjoy!

Can you believe all the detail!!??!! I am just blown away.

If you ever have a chance to participate in a block swap, or a round robin, I would say go for it. You may not end up with a top that you are thrilled with, or you may end up with something amazing. Either way, you will certainly learn a lot and hopefully get to know some fun people.

Thank you to all the quilters who participated in this with me. You are all very talented and I am so happy with my quilt top.


2 thoughts on “Round Robin 2020 – Part 7 – The Big Reveal

  1. Oh my! There are no words to describe how these tops turned out! Gorgeous! Such talent! If I was pushed to choose my favorite I’d have to say yours. I love Alice too. After yours I don’t think I could make a choice. You ladies rock!

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