Round Robin 2020 – Part 5

Michelle’s top was next in the rotation for me and it was one that I could really relate to. I have taught classes on Cathedral Window at many quilt shows across the country, even at the Houston International show and when I received Michelle’s top it was like seeing an old friend.

Michelle’s idea was to take a block of Cathedral Window squares that she had completed a long time ago and let us turn it into a quilt top. This type of swap lends itself well to this idea. When you participate in this type of round robin, you can take a block or pattern that you started (and loved at the time), but will probably never finish on your own and send it out around the circle to see what you get at the end. What fun!

Michelle’s Cathedral Window Top

This top came to me with the borders done up through the round of diamonds. I looked at this one metaphorically as the church in the center with the stained glass windows and the garden with stepping stones all around the outer rows. The only thing it was missing was a garden. So, I added the round with the vine and appliqued folded flowers.

Here is a close up of the vines and flowers.

Appliqued vines and flowers.

Only one more top to go before I got mine back. I was dying to see mine at this point. It was worth the wait!!

To be continued —>

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