Round Robin 2020 – Part 2

Picking up where we left off, once we all completed our focus blocks, we were ready to swap. I received this block with instructions and fabric to work with and started trying to figure out what to do for my round on this one.

Becky’s Block

The instructions that Becky included with this block were that she liked birds and flowers. I quickly named this block the Butterflies and Blooms block in my head and started working on a plan on how I was going to add to the block for her. Here is what I came up with:

I started by paper piecing butterflies and laid them around the block. I decided I did not care for the pink plain blocks between the butterflies, so I added some folded flowers to the mix.

Now it was really starting to look good. Finally, I added a green border strip with yellow cornerstones to pull the yellow color out from the original block and here was the end result for my border on Becky’s Butterflies and Blooms:

My completed round on Becky’s Butterflies and Blooms.

Is anybody out there?

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