Lots of Designing Happening Here

This past week was filled with more client quilting, shocking I know. But I was also able to make progress on a few other projects. Christmas is approaching way too fast for Arwen’s Child. Hopefully, I can get all the orders out and all the gifts made on time. The first thing I have to show for this week is something that should help speed up the process, or slow it way down, I am not sure yet. This week I was able to purchase Electric Quilt 8 (EQ8).

Electric Quilt 8
EQ8 Features

When we were traveling and selling our quilting products at the shows, EQ was something we carried for a time. EQ and Blockbase were both fairly new products and computers were evolving so quickly that even though the concept was a good one, designing your quilt on the computer before cutting into the fabric, it was quite clunky and awkward to use. Many folks did not want to spend the time (or the money) on a program when they could be sewing and quilting instead. This is still true today, but I am here to say that EQ has really come of age. The one thing that made it relevant was the addition of the ability to be used on the Mac platform. Now anyone can use it.

Fabric manufacturers are also on board now and all the latest fabric line releases are available for input into the program so that you can design your quilt with the actual prints that you can then go purchase to make the quilt. It even gives you the yardage required for the quilt you have designed.

I am working my way through learning all the features of this gem, but can tell you that I will be doing a lot of designing in the future with EQ8 and beyond.

Also, this week, I made progress on one of the wedding quilts I am gifting in December and Morticia did some client quilting, as well. My clients always make the most beautiful quilt tops. So much color!

Wedding Quilt
Client Quilt

Finally, I finished one Halloween cross stitch and made progress on another. At the start of this Covid-19 thing, I started a new Game of Thrones cross-stitch pattern that, realistically, should take me 6-10 years to complete. The design has all the major players faces on it in a tower type structure. This week, I was able to actually see the first face emerge. Can you see him? I will post again as more faces emerge.

Halloween Mandala
Kahl Drogo – First of Many Faces

Well, that is about it for last week. How has your week been? What have you been working on? Until next time, Happy Stitching!

Is anybody out there?

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