QR Codes and Personal Quilting

QR Codes are all the rage right now and they have come so far as where you can create any QR Code you like for free online. This got me to thinking about the way I publicize my business and my blog. Of course, once the wheels start turning…

Here is what I came up with:

My Etsy Shop: Arwen’s Child Heirlooms

If you don’t know how to use these codes, it is really simple. Take your smartphone (or tablet) and open the camera, or the QR reader (if you have an app) and hold it up to the code. The code tells your device to automatically take you to the web address associated with that specific code. Try it…I will wait. 🙂

Cool, no? 🙂

Once I made the image files for my QR Codes online, I realized that I could print them. That lead to a further realization that I could have a rubber stamp made and stamp my “brand” on anything and everything I wanted. How cool is that?

Now all my products and orders that leave my studio will have my unique label on them.

Finally, and unrelated, I did manage to complete a t-shirt quilt for myself this past month. I had some random t-shirts hanging around from lives past and just threw them all together into this sofa snuggler sized quilt. I have one more batch of t-shirts to mashup and that will be all the memory shirts I have. YAY!! So happy to have them all in a more useful form. Of course, I have stamped my code on the back of this one so that when I am long gone, maybe somebody will scan it and learn more about the crazy woman who put it all together. 🙂

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