A year and a half ago, I sold my Juki TL-2010Q along with the Grace frame to someone who was looking to begin learning to longarm quilt. That was my beginner set up and I sold it to move to a bigger machine and frame for longarm work. Ever since I sold that machine, I vowed to replace it someday, not for longarming, but for straight (literally) sewing needs. Well, everyone, meet Arya.

Arya is the exact same make and model as my last Juki and I am so pleased to have her back in the family. Just as in the show, Game of Thrones (GOT), my original machine with no-name left home and has now been replaced by Arya as a permanent resident in my studio. She is fast, powerful, and does one stitch extremely well.

This machine has no computerized anything. It does not even zig-zag, like we all recommended Rickon should have done. A little GOT humor there.

Anyway, I am pleased to have Arya home and look forward to making many memories with her in the upcoming years.

One thought on “Arya

  1. There’s nothing like a designated straight stitch machine. Once you add the zigzag ability they just don’t have as neat and pretty a stitch. Enjoy! I understand your excitement 😊

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