Yesterday and today were very busy days. I had my bi-yearly MRI done in Birmingham yesterday, which meant 5 hours of driving time and about an hour of my ears being subjected to the loudest screeching noise you could imagine. Even with ear plugs that machine is crazy loud. After my MRI, I made a mad dash to try and get back home (2.5 hours from Birmingham) to make my appointment time with one of my doctors (from the Kirklin Clinic where I had just had my MRI done) via the telehealth system. Didn’t make it home, but made it close. I ended up having my medical visit in the parking lot of a closed Golden Corral. Ah, the wonder of technology.

Anyway, this post is about recovering. Today, while recovering from yesterday, I completed a project that I started on Monday. My mission was to finally, after many years of good intentions, decided to recover my office/sewing chair. This chair used to have a back on it and was a Serta padded office chair that I paid a pretty penny for. Over the years, the faux leather started peeling it just began to look horribly ugly. I never could actually part with it, though, because it is a very tall (drafting height) chair that never really lost it’s padded seat feel.

On Monday, I began searching through my stash of fabrics to find a suitable length of yardage that I felt I would be able to look at day after day, not to mention sit on. I found just what I was looking for and I had plenty for covering the chair. Oh, but I am one who is always creating, mostly in my mind, and I thought “what if I actually could recover my ironing table with the same fabric. Was there enough?

Well…no…but, if I covered the ironing table first, I could piece together a scrappy quilt top of sorts from what was left of this love piece of fabric. I set to work on it and got the ironing board covered on Monday. Boy was I thrilled. Then I began piecing the “top” for the chair.

I had to leave the piecing on Monday evening and pick it back up today. I threw the top together log cabin style, adding strips of things until it was large enough to fit the chair and, using a staple gun, attached it underneath all the way around.

Remember those LARGE quilted scraps I had left over from the last post and the baby quilt fiasco? Those are now the added padding under the top of my lovely new sewing chair.

Edgar approves.

2 thoughts on “Recovering

  1. I love the chair! Great idea to use the baby quilt leftovers. Soon I need to get together with you on a quilt block that whoever made them ironed them out of square. Lots of half square triangles. Miss you!!

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