Pattern Testing – Yuzu and Pear

Most of the time I enjoy testing sewing patterns for toy designers.  This time however, I thought I would venture into testing for a children’s clothing pattern maker.  No stranger to children’s clothing, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the pattern went together, after my printer and the PDF file learned to cooperate and play nice.  This pattern maker gives nice clear pattern pieces and good instructions.


The pattern I tested was a toddler’s shirt.  There were several things that were not perfect, hence the need for pattern testers like me.  🙂  For example, in my pattern, the front pocket was a bit too narrow.  I did notice in the pattern photos that there were pockets like mine, and others that looked correctly sized, so I would imagine that this issue has already been addressed.


The pattern overall was a breeze to stitch and the instructions, save a few minor hiccups, were stellar.  Once this pattern comes out after being fully tested, I would make several of these for a toddler’s wardrobe.  The shirt stitches up in a day, easy peasy.


The thing I love about pattern testing for others is that I can always learn something new.  The way this pattern goes together at the shoulders was something I had never tried before.  It was really neat to see it all come together by using a new technique.  Great job Yuzu and Pear!!  Thanks for the opportunity to test this one  🙂


2 thoughts on “Pattern Testing – Yuzu and Pear

  1. Do we get to see the finished shirt? Love the material! I can imagine a little rosy cheeked kiddo with this shirt and a little tie all dressed up for any special occasion!

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